iAssist CDS Professional Version
Why iAssist?

iAssist is here to help you as a motorist during every journey or to help you manage your vehicle and ensure you are reminded when you need to renew your MOT or insurance. We designed iAssist to be USEFUL. As a free to download and use APP you will find all the features packed within iAssist will help you locate the nearest petrol station, car park, garage or enable to you send an SOS message, whilst the inbuilt Dashcam will help to capture incidents of bad drivers and accidents. Once downloaded you will find iAssist will become your most trusted motoring App.

Features at a glance
SOS Feature

Within iAssist you can send an alert to whomever you select to alert them of your exact location and that you need immediate help. The App will know where you are and be able to send that message and ask for help to come to you.

Dash Cam

iAssist offers an inbuilt dashcam. Simply mount your phone within a suitable windscreen mount and your phone turns into a useful dashcam. Able to record speed, location with a feature to capture and store any footage for use where incidents are recorded.

Where's My Car

How many of us have left a car and when we came back to where we thought it was it isn't there!!!! iAssist can record and remember where your car is precisely so you only have to ask and it will show you where your car is….phew!!!