iAssist CDS Professional Version
Why iAssist?

iAssist is your trusted companion throughout every journey, providing valuable support as a motorist or helping you efficiently manage your vehicle. We have purposefully designed iAssist to be an indispensable tool, packed with useful features that enhance your motoring experience. From conveniently locating nearby petrol stations, car parks, and garages to ensuring timely reminders for MOT and insurance renewals, iAssist has you covered. In case of emergencies, the SOS message feature is readily available to keep you safe and connected. Capture incidents and protect yourself with the built-in Dashcam feature. Once you download iAssist, you'll quickly realize that it becomes your most relied-upon and invaluable motoring app. Experience the power and utility of iAssist, your ultimate motoring companion.

Features at a glance

iAssist empowers you to send an alert to your chosen contacts, notifying them of your precise location and urgent need for assistance. With advanced location tracking capabilities, the app seamlessly determines your whereabouts and enables you to swiftly communicate your distress. With just a few taps, iAssist sends the message and initiates a request for help to come to your aid. Experience the peace of mind knowing that help is on the way, made possible by the intuitive features of iAssist. Your safety is our top priority, and iAssist ensures you're never alone in times of need.

Dash Cam

Unlock the power of iAssist's integrated dashcam feature, transforming your phone into a reliable on-the-go recording device. Mount your phone using a suitable windscreen mount, and instantly capture invaluable footage while on the road. The dashcam functionality not only records your speed and location but also provides a convenient option to store and organize footage in case of incidents. With iAssist's dashcam, you have a trusted tool to capture and preserve evidence when it matters most. Experience the peace of mind that comes with having a dependable dashcam at your fingertips, seamlessly integrated within the iAssist app.

Where's My Car

Don't fret about losing track of your parked car ever again! iAssist comes to the rescue by accurately recording and remembering the precise location of your vehicle. Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for your car in a sea of parking spaces. With iAssist, simply ask the app, and it will effortlessly guide you to your car's exact location. Enjoy peace of mind and convenience, knowing that iAssist has your back when it comes to finding your vehicle. Say goodbye to those moments of car confusion and embrace the relief that comes with iAssist's car tracking feature.