iAssist CDS Professional Version
Recommended Windscreen Mounts

To use the iAssist app in your vehicle you will have to use an appropriate windscreen mount, this should be mounted in the center of your windsceen just under you rear view mirror (as shown).

The law in the UK says that you can mount items on your windscreen as long as this does not affect your driving view and you can see 100% of the road whilst driving. Below you will find a selection of phone mounts iAssist recommends. The windscreen mount does not have to be expensive, in fact there are many that are under £10 which are perfect.

Our Recommendations
PNY Magnet Windshield Mount

Mount your smartphone or GPS device to your car's windscreen using the PNY Magnet Windshield Mount. Simply attach the included metal plate to your handset to easily connect it to the magnetic mount. A robust suction cup keeps the mount securely attached to your windscreen, while the 360 degree rotation means you'll be able to angle your smartphone for easy visibility.

Manufacturer's Part Number

EXSHOW Car Phone Holder

This extra-long car phone mount is perfect for getting your phone in the prime position for viewing without obstructing your view of the road. The doubled-up suction pad means it sticks to the windscreen with ease. You’ll also get 360 degree ball adjustment which will allow you to find the perfect position and orientation of your screen, holding any smartphone up to 6 inches.

Model number: EXH581-Black

Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Strong suction-mount locks the base, it is lightweight and portable, just place the phone on the magnetic card which holds the phone tightly. placed correctly there is no blocking of your driving sight, Full 360 Adjustment is standard. The mount is compatible and suitable for 99% of smart phones, the mount uses high and low temperature resistant material so can be used all year round, suitable for 99% smart phones.

Approx £6 from Ebay