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The smart motoring app for your smart phone

iAssist is a totally new and Innovative app designed specifically for you the motorist. It's packed full of features to help you in your everyday motoring. We are sure that if you give it a try it will become a vital part of your daily motoring experience. We have designed it to be easy to use and intuitive in thinking about your needs and what's more, iAssist is absolutely free to download and use so why not see for yourself what is has to offer?

Dash cam Dash cam
Using artificial intelligence To help drivers!

iAssist is designed to be clever and to make your driving experience easier, safer, and more enjoyable. We have embedded AI so that at times it can anticipate what might be happening and give you appropriate prompts and guidance. For example, it can detect when it thinks you may have had an accident and ask you about it. From your feedback it can begin to adjust and learn as it monitors your driving activities.

SOS Feature

Within iAssist you can send an alert to whomever you select to alert them of your exact location and that you need immediate help. The App will know where you are and be able to send that message and ask for help to come to you.

Personal Alarm

A handy feature, not only for when you're in your car is the personal alarm. This will give an audible warning and again notify your chosen contact that you need help. This and the SOS feature are both configured with the numbers of the local emergency services so a call for help is immediately at your fingertips.

Where's My Car

How many of us have left a car and when we came back to where we thought it was it isn't there!!!! iAssist can record and remember where your car is precisely so you only have to ask and it will show you where your car is….phew!!!

 Free App
Above all iAssist is free to you the user and always will be. So it's a great way to get access to things that you would otherwise have to pay for such as the Dash Cam and all of our unique tools.
 Feature Rich
Modern mobile phones are expensive and iAssist is specifically designed to enable you to get maximum benefit from the features, some very well hidden, within the phone. As its free it's a great way to get maximum value and enhance the whole driving experience.
 Very Easy To Use
Our experts have designed the App so its easy to use and over time using AI can anticipate your every need.