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Transform your smartphone into a smart motoring companion!

Introducing iAssist: The revolutionary app designed exclusively for motorists like you. Packed with a multitude of features to enhance your everyday driving, it's destined to become an indispensable part of your motoring routine. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, iAssist anticipates your needs effortlessly. Best of all, it's completely free to download and use. Experience it firsthand and discover the incredible benefits it brings to your driving journey.

Dash cam Dash cam
Harnessing the force of artificial intelligence to empower drivers!

Discover the brilliance of iAssist, crafted to enhance your driving journey by making it effortless, secure, and delightful. With advanced AI integration, it proactively anticipates your needs, offering timely prompts and guidance. Experience its intuitive nature as it detects potential accidents and seeks your input. Through continuous learning from your driving activities, iAssist adapts and evolves, further refining its performance. Embrace the future of intelligent driving assistance with iAssist.

Instant SOS

Stay connected and secure with iAssist's alert system. With just a few taps, notify your chosen contacts of your precise location and request immediate assistance. Rest assured, iAssist automatically relays your distress message and coordinates to ensure help arrives swiftly. Experience peace of mind knowing that help is just a touch away with iAssist.

Guardian Alert

Powerful Protection: Introducing the Personal Alarm. Not just for car emergencies, this invaluable feature emits an audible alert and promptly notifies your designated contact when assistance is required. With pre-configured connections to local emergency services, urgent help is just a touch away. Experience the peace of mind and swift response you deserve with the Personal Alarm, a vital companion in times of need.

Car Locator

Bid farewell to the frustration of misplaced vehicles! iAssist diligently records and remembers the exact location of your car, ensuring that when you need to find it, you simply ask and it guides you right to your vehicle. Say goodbye to the anxiety of losing your car with iAssist's reliable CarFinder feature. Your peace of mind is just a tap away!

 Free App
Unlock a world of possibilities with iAssist, completely free for you, and forever. Say goodbye to paying for premium features like the Dash Cam and other exclusive tools. iAssist offers unparalleled access to these resources, ensuring you enjoy a comprehensive and cost-effective motoring experience. Don't miss out on the exceptional value that iAssist delivers, all at no expense to you.
 Feature Rich
Maximize the potential of your valuable mobile phone with iAssist, a purpose-built app that unlocks hidden features and delivers unparalleled value. Designed to optimize your driving experience, iAssist harnesses the full capabilities of your smartphone, empowering you with a range of powerful tools. Best of all, it comes at no cost, providing you with an exceptional opportunity to extract maximum value from your device. Embrace the future of driving enhancement with iAssist and elevate your entire motoring journey.
 Very Easy To Use
Experience the expertise of our app designers, who have crafted iAssist to be incredibly user-friendly. With the power of artificial intelligence, iAssist learns from your usage patterns over time, effortlessly anticipating your every need. Our commitment to seamless user experience ensures that iAssist becomes your indispensable driving companion, providing tailored assistance that enhances your journey. Embrace the convenience and intuitive nature of iAssist, where technology works in harmony with your needs.